5 Books by Penny Jordan

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 1.8/1.0Mb | Version: Retail (2017 Reissue)

Overview: Penelope Jones Halsall aka Caroline Courtney, Annie Groves, Lydia Hitchcock, Melinda Wright Penelope “Penny” Jones was born on November 24, 1946 at about seven pounds in a nursing home in Preston, Lancashire, England. She was the first child of Anthony Winn Jones, an engineer, who died at 85, and his wife Margaret Louise Groves Jones.
Genre: Romance

5 books covers

Escape from Desire (2017 Reissue)
When Tamara’s Caribbean holiday turned into a nightmare, there was only one man she could turn to—Zach Fletcher! With their lives in jeopardy, in the heat of the jungle, Zach took Tamara’s innocence for his own. They escaped from danger—but not from the consequences of their passion!
Neither of them could know that their heated fling would leave Tamara pregnant. Reunited in London, Tamara is reminded of the claim Zach has on her body. And he’ll do anything to prove their chemistry means more than just an affair…
Originally published in 1983

The Tycoon’s Forbidden Temptation (2017 Reissue)
After suffering the ultimate betrayal, Chelsea Evans has learnt the hard way to steer clear of heart-breakers. So when she sees her innocent niece in danger of losing her head over notorious playboy Slade Ashford, she’s determined to come to her rescue!
Only the alluring tycoon is infinitely more sophisticated and desirable than Chelsea ever imagined. And before long, it’s clear that Chelsea is the woman Slade really wants—if only she dare surrender herself to this tycoon’s forbidden temptation!

The Friendship Barrier (2017 Reissue)
Jake was Stephanie’s employer…her best friend…and he could have been so much more… But then a traumatic attack changed Stephanie’s life forever, causing her to build impenetrable walls around herself.
For two years, Jake has resisted the tension simmering fiercely between them. Now he’s determined to help Stephanie confront and overcome her fears.
Can Jack and Stephanie free the desire they’ve been holding back and finally cross the line separating friends from lovers?
Originally published in 1984

Shadow Marriage (2017 Reissue)
Sarah’s heart broke the moment she discovered her brand-new marriage to Benedict de l’Isle was the result of a foolish bet between Ben and his friend Dale. In anger, Sarah let Ben think Dale had been her lover, and walked away forever. Or so she thought…
Three years later, Sarah finds herself working once again with her husband. A husband who is convinced that she destroyed their marriage, and is determined to punish her…in the most delectable of ways!
Originally published in 1984

The Innocent Stefanides Bride (2017 Reissue)
Powerful Greek Alexis Stefanides swept beautiful Sienna off her feet and into his bed, winning her heart with ruthless efficiency. Never could Sienna have guessed that she’d been chosen—not for love—but in vengeance for the wrong he believed her brother had done his sister.
But the truth came too late to save Sienna’s whole world from exploding. Still in shock, Sienna found herself married to Alexis and awakened to her body’s intimate cravings…



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