eBooks OTG (On-The-Go) – How to download, how to read & more

eBooksOTG (eBooks On-The-Go) is a site powered by WordPress.

Here you can find a various library, mostly fiction, but at your request we can add your favorite book.

So, how is this working?

You can search your favorite book in SEARCH bar on top, or you can simply click the book cover. A separate page will open, and there you can find the DOWNLOAD button. Most of the time, the book will be in ePUB format, but you can find it also in .mobi version or even .PDF

You need reading devices, once you got the your book. Can be your mobile phone, or you can read it on your browser, on your personal computer (MAC or PC),  your Kindle, your tablet and any other designed devices to read text.

ePUB version

On your Android device (mobile, tablet), install from Google Store search for ePUB reader applications.  Do the same on iOS – install the app and read your book!

On Chrome browser, search and install ePUB reader extension.

On PC/MAC, install calibre software. This will read any kind of book (ePUB, PDF, mobi etc.) you have downloaded.



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