Super Mario Adventures Full Series by Kentaro Takekuma (issues 1-12 with two bonus issues)

Requirements: any PDF reader, 26.3MB
Overview: Super Mario Adventures, inspired by the bestselling Super Mario video game franchise, is a collection of comics that originally ran in Nintendo Power magazine in 1992-93. It’s notable for its use of the many gameplay devices in the Mario series as elements of everyday life. For example, Mario plays a psychologist and treats the social anxiety of a Boo (a ghost enemy in the videogame series that covers its face whenever the player is facing it),and for its sense of humor and comedy.

The peril-plagued Princess Toadstool is kidnapped by the diabolical deadbeat Bowser but super plumbers Mario and Luigi hatch a plan with their new friend Yoshi to rescue her. Are the Super Mario Bros’ plans a pipe dream? Can they stop the Koopa King before he forces the Princess to be his bride?!

Super Mario Adventures 14 magazines cover
Long out of print, this stunning, full-color graphic novel is now available once again!
Genre: Comics, Gaming

This is the full series of 12 issues,plus two Mario and Wario issues that were sometimes bundled with it as a bonus.



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